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We are focused on giving Nigerians decent and affordable housing access in a bid to mitigate the challenges pose by housing deficit in Nigeria.

The Problem

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One of the biggest needs of every human after food and clothing is accommodation, which is surplus and at the same times scarce and it is a huge challenge to many in our society today; to find a suitable and affordable home in terms of taste, resources (affordability) and locations considering the economic realism. In Nigeria today, many are been surge-change because of their inability to locate the right property owners or business partner that can afford them the opportunity of having precise properties at the minimum price.

The Solution

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TGSIS provide ways to get affordable housing by means of research and collections of Properties that are being sold, rent or lease all over the nook and cranes of Nigeria at a reduced price to mitigate the challenges pose by millions housing deficit in Nigeria. TGSIS understood the power of information and technology as the only sure-way to reduce the burden of housing problems and frustration that many are going through in acquiring or leasing a comfortable home or selling houses and properties by way of locating the right and affordable property for individuals, families, groups, or companies.

In-fact, TGSIS is out to remove those bottlenecks and pave way for the people (house owners and occupants) to have value for their money by getting affordable and decent home to live in and sellers locating suitable buyers, who are willing and able to buy. With this connection, TGSIS is ever ready to create a favourable atmosphere between the sellers and buyers to have a profitable business deal where the sellers are happy to sell and the buyers are happy to buy.

What we do

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Our services are to inform and create access while guiding our esteem customers to take an informed decision in all the process of the transaction as far as sales, rent and lease of Houses and all landed properties are concerned.

How we deliver

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We have a systematic synergy with property Developers, Valuers, Surveyors, real estate Owners, Companies, Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals who are ever ready to support the business we do. No doubt, TGSIS has a reasonable numbers of qualified Staffs such as Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Planners, Lawyers, Business Experts, IT Experts, Economists etc; who are dedicated and ready to offer professional advice to meet the needs of our customers and provides expert services while holding on to their professional ethics. Torbita Global Services And Infotech Systems Ltd is ever ready to provide more details information on demand.

Why we are different

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Torbita Global Services and Infotech Systems Ltd is the only real estate and property website in Nigeria that focuses on giving Nigerians decent and affordable housing access; working 24 hours to respond to customers’ enquiry by providing the necessary information using traditional and social media platform and also partner with financial institutions to help bringing the desires of the customers to fruition when the need arises.

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